Board Officers

Chairpersons: Gary Knerr 610-696-2663,                                                      Johnson Dodla 610-384-5828, 
Vice Chairperson: Mertice Shane, 570-476-1059,
Candidacy Liaison/Mentor: Andrew Krpata, 610-865-5715,
Chair, Order of Deacons: Tiffany Manning 717-881-0475
Chair, Order of Elders: Evelyn Kent Clark, 267-229-2760,
Conference Relations: Dorry Newcomer, 267-795-8153,
Continuing Education: Robin G. Fisher 570-534-4588
Deacon’s Liaison: Ben Caldwell, 610-888-7010,
District Committees: District Chairs
Ethnic Recruitment: Herb Coe, 610-876-8152,
Extension Ministries: Christopher Kurien, 570-573-1455,
Local Pastor’s Co-Registrars: Kevin Babcock,                                                                             Terry Cooney, 610-678-7566;
Pastoral Care: Rev. Andrea Brown, 717-394-6887,
Registrar: Amy Smith, 215-429-4592,                                        Residence in Ministry: Eddie Cameron, 717-875-7615,
Retired Clergy: William Thompson, 267-549-6501,
Secretary of the Board, Barbara Drake, 610-446-1394,            Seminary Visitation: Daniel Lebo, 717-867-2104,
Treasurer: Cliff Hubbard, 610-265-1923,
Vocational Intern Program: Tracy Duncan, 215-844-2339,              Web Master: Janet Saddel, 215-343-0230,


Presenter’s Report