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District Committees

The Board of Ordained Ministry Handbook states that “The District Committee on Ordained Ministry, along with the District Superintendent are responsible for enlisting, training, and preparing candidates for licenses and ordained ministry.”  The District Committee has primary responsibility for:

  • assigning candidates to candidacy mentors
  • interviewing candidates for certification
  • re-certifying candidates on an annual basis
  • licensing and supervising local pastors

The District Committee also has the responsibility of determining when a Certified Candidate is qualified and ready to go before the Board of Ordained Ministry for examination toward Elders Orders, Deacons Orders, and Full Time Local Pastor status.

If you do not know which district committee will be helping you through the candidacy process, check with your pastor or our conference website then contact the appropriate chairperson from the list below.  Eastern Pennsylvania Conference has voted to move from six districts to four, thus our conference will begin transitioning in January of 2017.  The District Committees below will remain intact, for the time being, to assist with the transitioning of candidates.

Northeast District Committee Chairperson: Tom Robinson, 610-751-2906, pastor.tom.robinson@gmail.com 

Northwest District Committee Chairperson:  Michael Remel, 717-405-0659, mremel@verizon.net

Central District Committee Chairperson: Sherry Lantz, 610-207-2960, sherry@cedarvilleumc.org 

Southwest District Committee Chairperson: Tim Smith, 717-656-7600, TS3707@aol.com 

Southeast District Committee Chairperson: Monica Guepet, 610-310-9321, revmonicaguepet@gmail.com

East District Committee Chairperson: Thomas Brooks, 267-391-8630, tbpastortom@gmail.com


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